Indian Driving Simulator Program


Driving in India is an amalgam of continual risk assessment, environmental awareness, adapting to tremendously variable surroundings, and decision-making. Irrespective of the driver’s proficiency, many road accidents and crash collisions happen in India. There is a huge variety of tricky circumstances that drivers rarely come across: a child running onto the road, a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the street, an accident immediately ahead, and so on.

We can train and test driving strategies on a simulator even when these critical events are rare and keep evolving over time. Simulation can democratize research in heterogeneous and unstructured urban driving conditions by creating an open-source driving simulator that can be used to test driving strategies under realistic driving conditions.


The Mobility Simulator Program offers:

  • Driving simulator platform for measuring the driver behavior analysis in Indian driving scenarios
  • Driver training and skill development/driver education facility for Indian road conditions
  • Single and multi-agent perception to planning for Indian driving monitoring to traffic routing and control management
  • Facility for conducting research in transportation, psychology, engineering safety, and new technology development identifying effective ways to enhance driver and safe road use